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Wine has been thriving in Podyjí for hundreds of years

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On the edge of the village of Havraníky, near an impressive stream, is our winery

The river Thaya was already famous in the period before the Celts. The people of that time named it with the Indo-European word “dheu” or “flowing”. For the next hundreds or perhaps thousands of years, it retained its reputation as a river that divided but also united peoples.

Whether we call it the Dyje or Thaya today, we are paying tribute not only to this life-giving river, but also to hundreds of years of human togetherness and the uniqueness of our wine.


In the production of wine we try to preserve traditional practices and at the same time improve the wine with 21st century technologies.

The basic series and fresh wines are aged in new stainless steel tanks. But our main passion is wine in oak barrels. We get these from France and Austria, and for each variety and type there is a different size, type of toasting and different wood drying time.

We have repeatedly been finalists in the Winery of the Year competition, and in 2023 we became winners in the Medium Winery category as well as overall winners. And in 2021 our Pinot Blanc 2018 was the absolute winner of the Salon des Vins. THAYA wines are also regularly successful in international competitions, and with each harvest our winery moves forward.


We give back to nature what it has given us. We farm with respect for the land and water.

We farm about 105 hectares of our own vineyards. They are located in the immediate vicinity of the winery and in the neighbouring wine-growing villages – specifically the villages of Hnanice, Šatov, Havraníky, Vrbovec and Dyjákovičky. The vineyards adjacent to the Podyjí National Park have been known since the ancient Romans for their unique sunny location.

Our vineyards are located in the Znojmo wine sub-region, a region typical for its full-flavoured and fresh wines.

In addition to centuries of experience of our ancestors, we owe this to the ideal natural and climatic conditions. It is the River Dyje, which, through its thermoregulatory influence, together with the cold winds from the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, gives the local wines their unmistakable spicy taste and fullness.

Sunny days alternate with cold nights in our vineyards. As a result, the grapes ripen more slowly, but retain their aromas and achieve high quality. Virtually all varieties thrive here. Thanks to the granitic subsoil and the loess with a mixture of calcareous clays, the Veltliner, Sauvignon and Riesling are particularly outstanding.


Winery Thaya
Naše víno
Apri Premium VOC Znojmo Pozdravy z národního parku THAYA


The best wine of the vintage. The boar on the vignette (wild boar = Latin apri) symbolizes strength, pride and slight wildness, which you can also find in these bottles. Try for example the Pinot Noir from barrique barrels, which was included in the prestigious Salon des Vins. Traditionally, this line fills the wine lists of the best restaurants in the Czech Republic and abroad.


A range of premium wines of high quality. They are aged up to 18 months in French and Austrian oak barrels, which give the wine the prerequisite of archiving in bottle. The pebbles on the labels refer to the dignified river Dyje and suggest that each single-varietal has its own character depending on the location, parcel and micro-vineyard.

VOC Znojmo

Wines of original certification. Sophisticated taste of the Znojmo region. With these wines, you can be sure that you are drinking tradition. The VOC label is only awarded to wines of the three most typical varieties of the Znojmo sub-region - Sauvignon, Riesling and Grüner Veltliner.

Pozdravy z národního parku

A complex range of characterful varietal wines. For each variety we have selected one of the rare creatures of the Podyjí National Park. Choose a significantly mineral Riesling with the motif of a kingfisher or a off-dry Riesling with a river crayfish on the label.


A young, fresh wine. Simple and with fruity notes. A basic range for those who don't want to pick apart the wine note by note, they just want to drink well. Excellent, easy to drink.

We raise wine like a child. We don't shape it strictly and rigorously, but we lead it by the hand so that it matures to perfection.

Oenologist Jakub Smrčka

Although the thirty-one-year-old Jakub Smrčka does not come from a winemaking family, he has been close to wine since childhood. Eventually, he turned this relationship into a lifelong passion. He studied viticulture and viticulture at the Faculty of Horticulture at Mendel University and worked as head of production at one of the largest wineries in the Czech Republic. Every year, 3.5 million litres of wine passed through his hands.

He produced his first vintage in 2011, when he was only 20 years old. Although the fact that he has a job as a hobby sounds like a bit of a cliché, for Jakub it is an indisputable fact. At the THAYA winery, he has been in charge of the wine since the first

grapes to the bottle going into storage. He tastes the wines practically every day. His family is full of cooks, so he realizes how big a role wine plays on the dinner table. He also works closely with winemaker Peter Fila. Together, they consult on the picking date or the cut, in short, every step that shapes the wine.

He develops the wine and himself, and is therefore not afraid to experiment from time to time. Especially with the higher lines, he has set a rule – each vintage must be a little better than the previous one. This is also why the Winegrowers’ Association awarded him one of its most important prizes in 2021 – it named him Oenologist of the Year.

Winery Thaya

Each piece expresses coherence. Austrian wood and Czech bricks.

The design of our new winery was created by the renowned architect Jakub Cigler. In the past, he has worked with Jan Kaplicky in London and currently runs one of the largest architectural studios in the Czech Republic.

The entire winery complex is divided into three basic parts. The heart is the former granary. It is a rare type of building that was built in the Czech Republic in the 1960s. The granary is surrounded by other buildings and thus the whole resembles a classic Moravian village. At the same time, the granary symbolically represents the church as the central building in the village.

The roof of the halls, at first glance its undulations reminiscent of the waves of the river Dyje and the surrounding hills, consists of wooden trusses and traditional ceramic tiles – bobrovka.

The roof is smoothly connected to the artificial hill above the tasting cellars on one side and above the apartments on the other.

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