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There is no good health without good cuisine and no good cuisine without good wine

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With great food, our wines taste best

Apri is Latin for wild boars. The wildness of the nature of the Podyjí region is combined with the delicacy and unique taste of its meat. Our cuisine also has depth - it is based on traditional recipes, but in a more modern way. Our food is natural, yet delicate and delicious. Experience a unique evening with your loved ones right on the winery grounds. Or just drop by for a quick lunch. But you better leave your four-legged friends at home, because they are not allowed in the restaurant.

Our food

Local ingredients, modern cuisine, traditional recipes

You can't taste lobster brought from America here. However, you can have venison from local forests, meat from Czech farms or local freshwater fish. All seasoned with herbs grown in the winery.
Focused on your senses

Forget the everyday and let yourself be carried away by harmony that gives you a sense of calm and comfort

You enter a world of elegant lines and curves, where natural elements meet modern luxury.

In the APRI restaurant, you open up to a world of flavors and scents born from fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Every dish is a work of art, carefully prepared by our passionate culinary team. Every bite is created with love and care, making every taste bud in your body dance with joy.

As important as the food is to our culinary team, so is the wine. That's why each dish on their menu is perfectly paired with wines from the THAYA vineyard that complement it best.

wine pairing

Every dish has a wine counterpart.

Great food is only half the experience. The other half is a glass of wine. Our tasting menu brings these two worlds together in one harmonious whole. Our team knows exactly which varietal and vintage are right for you.

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Restaurant Apri

From field or pasture straight to the kitchen

We take advantage of the vast green spaces in and around our winery. We use only fresh ingredients. That’s why we rotate our menu regularly, so you can enjoy the true feeling of natural cuisine.

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Restaurant Apri

A professional from the winery will guide you through our wine

The expert commentary will help you identify all the flavours that are currently in your mouth. We will introduce you to the best of what we age in wooden barrels and stainless steel tanks.

Restaurant Apri
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